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Santa’s A Gangster 
Every year with the help of Family/Friends/Trade shows/club meets/company’s/celebrities/misfits & people who can’t really afford to help truth be known we collect new toys and funds to help Children and family’s in Dire Straits , for all different reasons there in this position but it’s not the children’s fault that for sure !! So the little ones who think Santa has forgotten them. Not on our shift eh Magicsters !!
REVERSE SANTA yep that’s right you donate the toy to Santa to help him out during his busy time
REVERSE ADVENT CALENDAR my wife’s idea so she has started collecting shampoo/tooth paste/tooth brush/deodorant/socks/smalls etc yer you get the idea These are for the teens who are our next generation of adults who we want to respect our world but get no respect them selfs as they smell and look dirty , these are the things we just take for granted .
We have a lovely little MK 1 Golf Cabby too that could be yours for just a fiver !! Raffle tickets can be purchased from Volksmagic HQ or online at Just Giving 
So let’s try and fill this little cabby with gifts before Christmas
If you would like to pop in to Volksmagic your self or post direct to us feel free Amazon is a great way lots of people used them to drop ship last year .. we even got our post man to donate LOL
All our toys and donations got to operation Santa which Eileen Fielding from CVS runs with such passion.. I’m sure she will happily explain more about the campaign .
We have collection points too 
Vikki Cooke Simon Cooke Paul Archer Steve Rea Craig Saunders Lee Dewell Boo Lewis Garry Beerbuz Aulton Hayley Beerbuz Aulton Dubs Collective Bill Perry Jim CousinsAnthony Johnys
You can contact any of these fantastic people and they will see you right 👍
Click Here To Go To The  Just Giving Page. 
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